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The Team

REDISA Directors

Hermann Erdmann, CEO

An entrepreneur and businessman, Hermann Erdmann has extensive experience in the manufacturing and retail sectors having served on a number of industry-related boards.

Erdmann's interest in environmental sustainability, transformation and empowerment of the previously disadvantaged resulted in the establishment of REDISA, and the development of the first approved Industry Waste Management Plan.

Stacey Davidson, Director

Stacey Davidson joined REDISA in 2010 as a director, after working in various industries including finance. Davidson's interest in the economic empowerment of previously disadvantaged communities resulted in her volunteering for community-based organisations such as NICRO, CAFDA, and Triple Trust Organisation. It was Davidson's passion for community development which prompted her to join REDISA.

Stacey's passion and drive enabled her to start her own business, Melsta Business Solutions in 2003, which specialised in providing data sanitisation and community-based marketing strategies to financial services companies looking to trace members of Pension and Provident funds.

In 2010 she served as director of Jibu Consulting, a business offering consulting services to both the public and private sector. She resigned from both companies to join REDISA NPC.

Charlie Kirk, Director

Charlie Kirk obtained a B.A. Law LLB from the University of Stellenbosch, and practiced law until 1996 before moving into a legal advisor position. Kirk also lectured final year law students at the Public Law Faculty of the University of the Western Cape from 1988 to 1998.

During 2007, together with Sam Robertson, she started her own boutique law firm, Robertson Teuteberg Kirk, specialising in areas such as the National Credit Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act and the laws relating to Privacy.

Charlie left RTK to take up her role at REDISA in January, 2012.


Xolani Qubeka, Non-executive Chairman

Xolani Qubeka brings with him a vast amount of experience in management and business skills, making him a welcome addition to the REDISA team.

He currently holds positions as Chairman of the Small Business Development Institute, as well as Chairman of the Pambi Trust. He also serves as a Non-Executive Director at Pamodzi Investment Holdings. Qubeka previously served as Director at MTN and the Gauteng Economic Development Agency.

Qubeka successfully spearheaded the re-launch of the Black Business Council (BBC) in his capacity as CEO, and has guided the organisation during the past two years to become an established and respected organisation.

Qubeka is assisting in the development of the new tyre waste industry, job creation opportunities, sustainable SMME development and economic value it will provide to the country.


Kabela Maroga, Non-executive Director

Kabela Maroga is registered with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), and has 13 years' experience in corporate finance. Maroga is currently Managing Director of Kabela Consulting.

Maroga holds a BCom Degree from University of Pretoria, BCompt (Hons) (CTA) from University of Kwazulu Natal and GDE (Mining Engineering) from Wits University. She is also a registered tax practitioner and completed her TOPP AGA (Associate General Accountant) articles with First Rand Bank Limited, as well as her TOPP Chartered Accountant articles with Sasol Synfuels International.

Kabela brings an in-depth knowledge and extensive experience as an chartered accountant with over 10 years' experience in the mining industry and finance sectors. She was a group management accountant at Optimum Coal Limited and took part in its listing on the JSE in 2010.

Prior to forming Kabela Consulting, Kabela was general manager of finance at a public mining company. She has also previously held the position of finance manager in both the public and private sectors including Kelly Group Limited and ISETT SETA.

Kabela serves on the audit committee of REDISA.

Dr Barbara Nompumelelo Tapela, Non-executive Director

Dr Barbara Nompumelelo Tapela is a senior researcher with broad expertise in applied social research, policy engagement, community engagement, stakeholder participation and Stakeholder Analysis. From the basis of Integrated Water Resources Management, Dr Tapela's research interests revolve around analyses of institutional interventions for resolving macro-economic policy challenges in the context of uncertainties due to various drivers of change, including climatic change.

Dr Tapela has extensively facilitated stakeholder participation training, roadmap construction and strategy development for international and regional water professionals in the field of trans-boundary water management for various river basins, including Orange-Senqu, Limpopo, Incomati-Maputo, Cunene, Nile (NELSAP Region, including Kagera Basin). In 2012 Dr Tapela completed her PhD in Land Agrarian studies at the University of the Western Cape, and also holds an MA in Geography from the University of Pretoria and an MPhil in Water Resources Studies from the University of the Western Cape.



Elinor Sisulu, Non-executive Director

Elinor Sisulu has a BA  English & History and a BA Special Honours History from the University of Zimbabwe, Diploma in Economic Planning from the Institute of Economic Planning and Development, Dakar, and an MA Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies, Netherlands. She is a well-known public figure and a leader in promotion of reading and literacy:
  • Founder of the Puku Children’s Literature Foundation
  • Past Chairperson of the Book Development Foundation
  • Award-winning author (Noma award winner)
  • Judge for the Commonwealth Writer’s Prize (Africa Region)
In addition to her interests and accolades in the field of literacy, she has a distinguished history in Human Rights and Economic Development, having worked for Crisis in Zimbabwe, World Food Programme, International Labour Organisation (Zambia) and Zimbabwe Ministry of Labour, Manpower Planning and Social Welfare. 
Elinor is also currently a board member of Thebe Resources Incubator and the National Arts Festival.